ALTIFREM is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to the emergence of an alternative distribution system for food. Using technology as a tool to bring us back to our roots and gain access to a network of producers whose goal is to provide quality products to customers, while boosting local/regional economies and creating value.

Altifrem is part of a global network of non-profit enterprises who co-develop the Open Food Network (OFN) platform, an open source system for food distribution. Altifrem is testing and developing the OFN Norway, and is working to connect the Nordic Region to develop the platform simultaneously for each of the respective countries needs by sharing our resources and collaborating as a team.

OFN Norway was the first country that required the platform in a language other than English. Since translating the platform into Norwegian, and due to the nature of open source technology, other countries/languages have since been enabled to easily come on board (including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese to name a few). Altifrem aims to enable the Nordic language platforms to emerge.

official organizational number 915 207 073

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