ALTIFREM is a Forening, non-profit social enterprise, managed by its members and stakeholders. We are committed to build a democratic organization, where every stakeholder can have a say, to enable ALTIFREM to achieve its social mission, which is to build an alternative distribution system, as a viable alternative to the existing one.

Who are our stakeholders?

  • The members of ALTIFREM:
    • individuals: people who wants to support the mission
    • legal entities:
      • farmers/producers looking for alternative distribution
      • distributors implementing sustainable and transparent distribution initiatives
      • institutions who want to support the emergence of a more transparent and sustainable distribution system
      • or any other entity who wants to support the mission
  • The users of the services proposed by ALTIFREM:
    • HUBs:
      • existing legal entities
      • buying clubs
      • consumers and/or producers’ cooperatives
      • farmers/producers
    • HUCs (hubs under construction):
      • individuals who want to start a buying club
      • consumers and/or producers’ cooperative
      • “gårdsbutikk”
      • andelslandbruk or other CSA aiming to reconnect producers and consumers
  • The farmers and distributors who supply the HUBs and HUCs: the activities of ALTIFREM can have an impact on them. Hopefully ALIFREM can open new alternative distribution channels, but the way the Open Food Network is designed can have an impact on their organization as well, so they are a very important stakeholder.
  • Through the HUBs organized as consumer cooperatives, the final customers are the HUBs themselves, as those cooperatives are managed by their members. But for other forms of incorporation, like limited companies providing organic box of vegetables, it may be interesting to give a say to the clients as well.
  • Public authorities who want to reinvigorate their economies.
  • NGOs that advocate sustainable farming and sustainable ways of living.

Our governance principles

Transparency: we are not perfect, but we are doing our best. We want to tell the truth so that the community can help us be better.
Fairness: we want to build a governance that people feel is fair. We want to ensure members and other stakeholders a fair representation and contribution in the decision making process.
Permanent-bêta: we want to build an agile governance that enable us to change and adapt all the time in a changing environment.
Operationability: we want to build a governance that will enable us to react quickly and empower people to do.

Decision making process

Consensus: as much as possible, we will try to use facilitation methods to reach a consensus on every decision we take.
Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM): the voting system is a legal obligation and a safeguard that guarantees that in case of disagreement we will be able to make decisions. Every member has a vote in the AGM.

The Board

  • Cynthia Reynolds, co-initiator of Altifrem and Chairperson
  • Myriam Bouré, co-initiator of Altifrem and OpenFoodFrance
  • Dag Reynolds, providing knowledge based on extensive business and board experience 
  • Olivier Krener, IT consultant, aids in the Open Food Network implementation process (attached to Kjøpelaget)

The Board meets quarterly and is responsible for day-to-day decisions and operations until management is in place.

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