Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 19.06.10.pngCynthia Reynolds, “I am passionate about how open source technology and the use of global networks and resources can create local impact. I work to enable communities to reinvigorate their local economy by providing them with the tools and support to collaborate and become resilient. Areas of special interest: local food systems, food waste, regenerative farming, job creation, local fabrication, kids coding and the maker movement.” Cynthia is an active member in her community having led a vast array of projects locally and internationally. She established Nesoddliv, a social enterprise dedicated to boosting her areas local economy, by reinvesting profits and incubating ideas and concepts that will regenerate the community, while providing a sustainable distribution system to connect local producers with consumers. She reaches out to food initiatives around the country, as well as in other Nordic countries and actively works to gather together the community.

Myriam.Bouré [marhmallow]Myriam Bouré, positive economy lover and community builder based in Oslo 🙂 Myriam is a French social entrepreneur who moved to Norway in June 2014. In France, she lead different projects around collaborative economy and entrepreneurship culture within the educational system. In particular, she led a project to create a platform to enable people to share competences and help each-others, called Doyouco. She has also been involved in different cooperative structures in the areas of renewable energy, ethical banking, small farmers’ installations. When moving to Norway, she was disappointed when she saw how hard it was to find good quality, local organic products at an affordable price, so she started to work on a Food Coop project called Kjøpelaget. She is also freelance and organizes events and give speeches around collaborative economy and social entrepreneurship. She is the local connector of OuiShare, an international non for profit organization promoting collaborative economy, and one of the co-founders of the MakeSense Hotspot in Oslo.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 17.17.09.pngSigmund Petersen, a software developer with a MSc in Electrical Engineering and 10 years of experience. Over the years he has come to experience the value and efficiency of open source and the commons. He believes the sharing of knowledge, pooling of each other’s resources and contributing to the crowd mind to be the best way in moving the world forward.  He is active in a variety of roles and organizations, including Framtiden i Våre Hender ( , “Matgilde mot hungersnød”, the collective farm Medalhus ( and enjoys getting his hands dirty in the community garden Kneiken ( He is board member of FRØ ( NGO working with social and environmental sustainability, collaboration, transparency and openness. This lead him to discover OuiShare and Collaborative Economy which has become a focus area for him. Combining his tech background with the value set of solidarity and planetary awareness lead him to engage in the Open Food Network. To really create a collaborative economy one has to be open and transparent in everyday actions and share actively and openly everything from knowledge to design.

They are supported by a network of individuals with a broad range of expertise including business, IT, legal and other advice. If you would like to join our team, contact us at

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